Friday, February 6, 2009

My first yabbies on lure

Yesterday night we had a trip down to this place again for sebbies , meeted up friends and chiong ar....... the long walk is sick hahahaha. Anw the water level has gone down badly in our reservoir recently and fishing is hard nowadays hahaha. But lucky yesterday night desmond got his first sebbie liao. I also got my first yabbies on lures hahaha.

We moved deeper in from the usual place where we were fishing and stepping on the muddy bank. Water was so damn shallow we had to cast our spoons and lures very far out to find the sebbies. At 10 20pm desmond got his first sebbies on the white 14g Daiwa Chinook to run was not really good from what he told us hahaha of cos la what setup you use bro.... kekeke

Rod: G-loomis GL2
Reel: Daiwa caldia kix 2500
Line: ygk Jigman PE 1.5
Leader: Triumph fluorocarbon Shock Leader 30lb
Lure: 14g Daiwa Chinook


after released the fish we continue fishing, hahaha i took out a prawn look alike lure out and tell desmond that i'm using a zero action lure , on my 3rd cast something took it but if do not feel like a fish leh hahaha . End up it was a small yabbies hahaha so cute.

Rod: Shimano Bassone XT 4lb- 10lb
Reel: Shimano sienna 1000FB
Line: Fireline 8lb
Leader: Triumph fluorocarbon Shock Leader 16lb
Lure: cant remember liao i got it few years back but i taken some pics of it below




Ok me going off to beach rd liao BB

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