Saturday, December 20, 2008

Time to get a new note book

HAhaha i think its time to get a note book to write down thing that i need to do, nowadays my in build memory drive are not working so well liao hahaha, like yesterday i forgot to bring the list of head count of how many poeple will be going for our x'mas trip. Wosre is i forgotten that ah gal are coming down to beach rd to meet us hahaha i went back home early yesterday when she came down to look for me ~~~~~

sorry ar ah gal

Today we will be going ubin kekeke


  1. Say hi to the fishes for me... *cry*

  2. say hi to the fishes for me also... *cry*

  3. Got space for me? Kekekeke! :-P

  4. sad lah.. totally forget about me...

    have a good fishing trip. you will have alot alot of big/strong/powerful takes. =)