Friday, September 2, 2011

Fish On fishing magazine

There is a new fishing magazine in town for SGD$5.oo a copy that comes with a rapala measuring tape on the first issue. I got a copy for myself few days back but hmmm its a so call local fishing magazine but not much of local articles which i felt kinda weird. Hope they have more local articles on their next issue.

Anyway we should have a local fishing magazine in singapore of our own! So support if you can in anyways :).

Fish On


  1. Hi Alan,
    It good of you to give the new Mag a mention in your blog, And as we believe local knowledge is second to none, But here in the UK there are many magazines for the anglers to pick from for every area of the UK, All it needs is some good reports and the mag will become established,
    All the best my friend,

  2. hi Paddy

    Do you have friends that could write article for a fishing magazine? i am in need of someone from oversea to write article for another fishing magazine.