Monday, January 24, 2011

Plano Reel Case

Brand new Unused Plano Reel Case Going at $35.00SGD anyone? Contact me at 90418894 dealing and viewing to be done in beach rd.

•Hard-sided case protects valuable reels
•Pluck foam lets you customize the interior
•Shockproof and water-resistant
•Made in USA

Use a hard-sided case to protect valuable reels. High-density pluck foam allows you to customize the interior to match the outline of the contents. Shockproof, water-resistant case has room for up to eight reels, depending on reel style. Padlock tabs for added security.

Size: 16-3⁄4"L x 6"W x 14-1⁄2"H.

Sold out


  1. Hi There! this reel case still available? i in JB.. very interested for it..

  2. Sorry bro out of stock liao....:(

  3. Than where can i get it or possible to special order? hehe what about micro jig 5 - 12g? and how much?

  4. you can get the jig at anglers outfitter hmmm at about $3.00. The reel case you can get it here

  5. owh... thanks! one last question bro.. where can i buy an Noodle rod in singapore? looking for silstar or mayb if got budget i wanna have the 4lb GLoomis.. u knw how much? and where? really need yr help!! thanks!!

  6. Sorry to say its very hard to find them nowadays bro , I'm not sure about silstar but the G. Loomiss is gone for sure as I'm working in a shop that use to carry a large range of g loomis rods.