Saturday, July 10, 2010

Anglers ethics

Few days back i saw this sticker sticking on 1 of the rack in the shop.

I find it quite interesting


Anyway i felt that my fishing is going down the hill liao lol , at this kinda timing i'm still thinking where to go at home.

Things getting bad to worse.

Anyway i'll be having a local offshore trip again on 18/7/10 and auntie pond on 8/8/10 and a desaru light jigging on 29/8/10.


  1. U very the contradicting lor...first say fishing going down hill then after that got so many trip in July and August... slap your head ah... wahaha...

  2. These are great words of wisdom, advice and would love to see these practices accepted by more anglers on the waters that I fish. Rule number is a good start and it gets better as I read down the list. Thank you for posting this.

  3. TT ya really going down hill liao lol see now my blog where got the same like last time lol not much catch liao lor lol.