Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bad things about working in a tackle shop

Ok i have been working in hock heng for about 3 month plus liao almost every day in beach rd, i found out that i have been spending to much money on my tackle like lures......., rod and reels Lures like swing impact, rapala ratlin, zipbait, ima sobat 80s and ... etc........

Oh ya talking about sobat 80s lol my long wait like about 1 year plus coming to 2 years, my fav colour is in hahaha i grapped 3 of it this time before its even up on the rack. The shipment only came in 8 pcs of that colour me and my group of friends took all ot it liao hahaha.

Spending money faster than i can earn hahaha, yesterday i spent $70 over for just white rabbit rubbers and jigs OMG...... hahaha

There are so much things to buy in beach rd

To much of temptation liao.....

Hai got to control my buying liao......

We had just confirmed a trip for toman fishing in malaysia in june, its a river fishing thingy we will be casting lures on a boat. Finally we had a chance to go for such a trip.

Need to grap more SC liao....... hahaha


  1. It is like a bad drug that you can not shake the habit. I have the addiction also. I own the tackle store. I wish we could eat lures then it would not be so bad.

  2. Momok its a recee trip as this was the first time we go up, if its good we will book it again. 1 boat can only take 3 anlgers .

  3. LOL Fish whisperer ya to much of temptation i just can't help it when i see something new or things in our store. Worse thing is people kept poking you to buy lol. telling you things like "its good better buy, if don't buy no more "