Monday, September 7, 2009

AG WTS fishing stuff

Selling Her fishing stuff..

Pioneer Twin Peak Graphite
Model : TP-2.1m
Line Class : 8-15lb
Action : Medium
2 piece rod
Cont 6/10
Asking for $30

Seahawk Jiging Series
Red Scorpion RE562HSJ
Max Drag : 11kg
Jig Wt : 120-300g
P.E. : 3-6
2 piece rod
Cont 8/10
Asking for $50

Altima LJ Taurus
Model : 56-13S
Light Jigging Spinning Type
5'6" PE Line 1, Max 3
Max Drag 5kg
Jig wt. 50g
2 piece rod
Cont 7/10
Asking for $50


Daiwa Freams 4500J Spinning Reel
Exterior Cont 7/10
Interior Cont 8.5/10
Comes with powerpro line but forget what lb already
Box MIA. Should be in room somewhere will try to find again.
Asking for $100

For photos and contact detail pls visit

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  1. tokey wa klu mau beli dr johor mcm mn tokey...