Monday, September 14, 2009

My dad is fine now after the ops on saturday night many thanks to all, guess i'll not be fishing for awhile but hmmm but maybe will need to go for some haruan hunting kekeke. Anyone has any recipe to prepare the haruan for recovering the wounds?

Pls drop me a msg here



  1. Take care of your dad and yourself bro. Family first. When you are ready, please drop us a ring and we shall "CHEONG AH" :-)

  2. Hope everything is okay.

    Am told not too take Toman or Haruan too soon after ops. Check with the medical hall on when should it be consume. Also ask them to prepare the herbs for you, easier.

    Simply just double boil the meat and herbs for a period of time. Just ask the medical hall staff for help.

  3. Hi Daz

    thanks will do so. btw how are you it has been awhile since you last updated your blog

  4. Ah, I knew I had to update the Blog sometime soon but yet to find time recently and also have not been fishing so not much update. Putting up some stuff up soon. So visit soon, thanks.

    Back to topic, am told if consume toman or haruan too soon after ops, the wound will heal too fast (yup, too fast), that soon afterwards pus will ooze out from the wound cause internally have not heal enough yet.

    anyway, all these are hearsay only. you really need to talk to those oldie medical hall for advice. And it is a FACT that toman or haruan soup will help considerably for open wound recovery.

  5. Thanks a lot bro my dad is recovering well, tml will bring him remove the stitches.

    recently fishing is not good kekeke i'm also slowing down liao.