Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The drag washer on my reel broke

The drag washer on my daiwa caldia kix 2500 broke few days ago, the washer which has 4 foot on it

lol all 4 foot broke off and cos my drag to go from a max drag of 7kg down to about 2kg max only and the adjustment of the drag is funny and unstable its either light or max 2kg lol

On the left was an washer taken out from SH's freams kix 2500 , on the right was broken ones on my caldia kix 2500.


Yesterday i gave fishing buddy a call to see if they had the replacement washer for the certate 2500 ones as i think all daiwa 2500 reels share the same parts, before i told them which washer i want lol you know what? he already knew which washer i'm looking for as he said it is very common liao many poeple had the same problem.

LOL wow .....

I'm lucky that they have the very last pcs in stock lol so me going to collect it within this few days when i drop by fishing buddy. oh ya if you need to find any parts for daiwa reels give fishing buddy a call they can order for you.

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