Thursday, July 16, 2009

The spot that took almost any lure


The title sounds like it a very good spot right lol.

yup very good

The spot take any lure and never gonna let it go lol today 3 more lures added into ITS collection in the lure's Graveyard 1 maria angel kiss , 1 maria chase and a yo zuri crystal vibe. Total we had lost about $730 worth of lure at this lure sucking spot liao.

Damn sad lor

This morning when we reach spot ibr took out a lure that both me and mondo start to make fun of him saying that his not going to catch anything with it as the lure really had not much of action when you crank it and for some other reason la. Mondo even totally give up on it liao he hang it on his bag for display lol.

Before the fishes start bitting the sand flies enjoy themself on us lol i can see them flying in front my face some even landed on my cap.


Anyway don't care lol after spraying some insect repellent we began casting, i start with my fav 5 inch stillhunt as after lossing so much lures there. Rubber is a cheaper choice. Itchybutto mondo lost his crystal vibe after quite a number of cast lol why i say he itchy butt leh becos even shallow floating lure also can die liao crystal vibe sink so fast his sending the lure to his graveyard lor. after redoing his leader and using an L minnow he had a chase from a small size kim.

After about 1 hour of casting i had changed 3 diff colour stillhunt hai... nothing semms to be working. So i decided to change use hard lure, hmmm ibr is still using that lure that me and mondo make fun of him kekeke.

Sudenlly some baitfish in front of me start to jump and it looks like there are something below them so i immediately casted my maria chase over and start twitching it but no takes.....

Ibr also saw that so he retrieve his lure over to that area where the baitfish jumped and worked it.


The fish choose to take the lure that me and mondo make fun of it WTF ! hahaha

It was a small kim lol at that moment me and mondo was speechless only thing we can do was to help him bring the fish up for photos hahahaha.

Rod: Smith battle X Tiger BTK-65M 8-20lb (custom spinning)
Reel: Daiwa certate Custom R 2500
Line: Fireline crystal 10lb
Leader: Triumph fluorocarbon Shock Leader 30lb
Lure: ima nabarone




kekeke WEll done heh... heh...

After the kim was landed we spend another 2 hours there casting but fishes totally not bitting lor we knew they are around just do not know why they are not bitting heh... heh...

Oh ya almost forgot ibr got a small grouper on a 4 inch live impact so cut....


BTW ibr its not a tiger

I was so boring untill i foul hooked a small todak nearby .
maria angel kiss EX


F la decided to change spot see if we are lucky to find any grouper over the other spot not, move move move.... lol it gets even more boring lor cos the grouper spot i knew seems like dead liao no fish sia.... but along the way we saw 2 dead cobia on the shore wondering what happen to them sia and where it came from...



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