Friday, July 10, 2009

Sad for the toothy spot

Yesterday night we were back again to the toothy spot, on our way in we saw a strong bright light along the breaker . Oh man someone was there before us and i belif last night was thier first trip there as we have been at this place for quite sometime liao this was the first time we saw them.

When we walked near one of the guys told us to fish on thier left and the other guy was net casting for baits, i was like wtf i wanna fish where need not you to tell me. The next moment lol finally i knew why this fellow casted his long big rod over our heads without telling us that his going to do a cast like this.

i guess his trying to tell us he wanted to fish at this place badly, but i think he should really consider about others safety first before you do anything like this.

No matter how good you can cast or how good you are in the surf casting community, you can't 100% guarantee every cast you made are perfect.

it just need this 1 time if anything when wrong during the cast your sinker will go right onto our heads.

It is so sick to have such person around the fishing community and danger to have friends like this to fish with. you'll never know what could happen lol

360 cast yuki mondo style

Anyway we somehow leave the place after awhile as i felt no point staying there anymore as they have to many rods around liao and there are no safe place for us to fish, also there are some other reason that we decided to go other location to fish.

The water level was still kena high so we went to take a look at one of the old playground nearby before we went to the actual location we wanted to go.

kekeke we found out something interesting but sorry i can't tell you guys about it lol.

After that we went to the actual location and started to fish. Our luck sucker yuki mondo really good in sucking luck lor recently, a fish took his yozuri aile magnet the fight was strong for a small kim but ... but... he did not change the Original hooks on the lure to a better ones. The Original hook on the lure look like a VMC hooks if i'm not wrong lol those hook are weak after a few dash and pumping the hook give way and fish got away lol.

Both hooks on the belly and tail open up.

We almost ended up with zero catch last night but lucky ibr got a last min hookup of a 8lb cuda on Ima sasuke




I'll be in batam tml the KTM resort for 2 days

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