Friday, July 31, 2009

OMG blogger seems to be like having problem leh.... a lot of function gone missing again lol. today did not went fishing sian.... the sand fly bites are feeling better liao.

just now went beach rd to get a box of NT swivel from AO and to lure haven see see look look , saw a bag in there i think i'm going to get it soon kekeke. thomas bought 1 liao i'll be getting it next week i think lol

TML will be out to fish again with SH only the 2 of us i guess ibr is in thailand fishing haha saw the photos liao bkkguy uploaded it in facebook

oh ya and my LCD up the lorry liao now using laptop lol so not use to it sia


  1. Oh.. so sad, your lcd up the lorry already. enjoy the company of lappy ok.

  2. i am super slow in using lappy leh lol .i got a replacement LCD liao just that i no have cable lol