Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Careless "R" lost his phone again

This afternoon about 4pm while i was watching the guess show on ch U a friend of "R" called me to chat for awhile no idea y he call me but nvm lol, we talk abit on this and that then he say "R" always change number. I say ya lor cos he always lost his phone lol

About 10mins ago "R" called me with his new phone number...

So you now what happen liao right lol he lost his best phone liao


  1. Huh... "R" lost his phone? I noe him bo?

  2. Yup of cos your know him kekekeke we are team mates somemore lol

  3. Walan... he really lost his phone again? Chialat... hahahahahahahaha...

    How to tekan him now...

  4. i'll sms his new number to you