Thursday, May 21, 2009

3 smiley cuda

We lost 3 smiley cuda last night hai....

I made a wrong selection of rod and lures to use lol. i had a cuda on my first cast last night , the fight lasted for about 20 secs only. Taken on my yo-zuri hydro popper 43g, hook did not penetrate properly into mouth might be due to the thick hook and soft rod.

I feel lucky that my lure came back but with holes all over it. Moments later mondo also had a fish on rod bend like hell , he started to shout " baby i'm not going to let you go!" hahaha but thing did not go as he wished the cuda cut the leader and took his white chug bug . sad.... yuki mondo

The 3 rd cuda we lost was by jarrett i passed the hydro popper to him within a few cast "bomb" another cuda was on but sad thing was the same thing happened hook did not went in properly . We lost 3 cuda in about 45mins sad...... all are above 3 to 4kg!


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