Thursday, April 2, 2009

keeping updated

After stepping down from FNR i spend less time in forum liao but today i found out something lol i need to visit fishing kaki once in awhile just to get info about whats hot in the luring section lol keeping myself updated to avoid being caught again.

As sometime ppl will post un- edit pics up making the place HOT or tell ppl openly how to go... this and that. In this way many others will chiong the same place, do funny things giving the PUB a hard time and soon the PUB will be more on the ball at the area. As this is their job so we can't blame them.

Few weeks ago i saw a CR in FK with a PB and sebbies , photos only show a bit of the background but... i'm still able to make a guess on where it is, so i gave ibr a call telling him about it. Few weeks later (today) I clicked on that thread again lol more clear photos was posted up with clear backgrounds lol yup i'm right it is where i tot it is. And he is inviting more kakis over.

There is nothing wrong sharing but share it smart

i guess very soon the PUB will be there catching their prey soon.


So guys if you know where am i talking about becareful if you are going kekeke

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