Saturday, April 11, 2009

Great news for rapala fat rap lovers

Rapala will be bringing back this great Classic lure for singapore and malaysia market in August,but.. on which day i'm not very sure. There will be also a launching event at hotspot , singapore and malaysia will launch it on the same day . This is what wenlong told me 1 hour ago kekeke

Oh ya i was told its a 1 time thingy the rapala fat rap will only launch 1 time. hmmm you can start ordering from wenlong liao before its gone again kekeke.

This morning went fishing with yuki mondo but sad nothing was landed , we went 2 spots. first spot totally nothing we fished for awhile and leave, 2nd spot can see can not get lol they are around whacking bait fish but just not interested in our lures lol nowadays queenies are smart......

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