Saturday, April 25, 2009

From day to night

It was a tiring friday for me

Yesterday morning me and jarrett went for a day trip To LG , oh man the weather was so damn hot and best part is we had not enuff water with us. Forgot to buy extra drinks before we enter the place. We was there a little bit to early as the best timing was in the evening so me and jarrett wonder around that area trying our luck for some grouper at the breakers.

First lure i seleted was Maria chase the yellow top ones and cast along the drop off of the breaker, i hitted a small grouper but did not manage to bring it up hook came off during the lift up. After the lost i made another few cast into that area but no more fish were around the area liao.

I moved up abit and changed up with my 5 inch still hunt slowly bounced it along the breaker, lol a small grouper took it and try to dash into a rock there he was hiding hahahaha he had no chance at all.


Looking at the water we had was like OMG.... how can we survive till evening sia...

Somehow we survived hahaha.

At about 4pm i landed a small kim on my fav lure ima sobat! Not much fight at all lol but when the fish came in near he banged himself into the rock and injured the body.



After some photos taking i quicky released it back into water

We actually wanted to fish till 6.30pm but weather too hot and we had no more water by now hahaha so we call it a day and when down to beach rd for kopi with my kakis.

Not end of story yet hahahaha i went for 2nd round in the night with ibr, sh, ham and jarrett, more or less it was a recee trip .

We are so lucky that we found a new spot which we had never been before and kinda surprise to see surf anglerss.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.s were there fishing like no one business, had no issues with them just surprise to see them fished so openly :X

Anyway we started fishing along the breaker at the other end , ham got a small grouper but did not manage to bring it up during the lift. i am actually using white rubbers from the beginning of this night trip and i had been casting for at least an hour with no results. Hmmm..... i start to wonder of something which i was thinking for quite awhile liao... so i switched the white ones to my 5 inch dark colour still hnut.

You know what?

on my 2nd cast i got myself a small grouper on that rubber again hahaha


After releasing the fish time is already 3.30am liao ,so we end the trip with just a small grouper , but we will be there for more very soon hahahaha

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