Monday, April 20, 2009

Big rubber small grouper

Yesterday me ,sh and ibr went for a shout trip to a location that will be gone real soon, current yesterday was slow at that area sh spotted quite a number of prawns along the breakers and a small grouper hiding under a pvc pipe. after snapping up our lure and rubber we started casting, i had some chase on the 5 inch still hunt but they were all small ones.

But i manage to hit a small grouper on the 5 inch still hunt with slow crank + light twitch along the side of the breaker



Moments later.... as usual SH took out touch light and shine around , wow there was a small kim parked in front of us. We try casting lure and rubber to him but he got no interest at all.

We leave after awhile... for kopi....

Will be back for more soon.

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