Friday, March 6, 2009

Usually every friday night i will be in beach rd with my kakis having kopi but today i'm not kekeke, i'm now at home watching video on youtube. Most of them went sibu fishing liao like thomas, roger, steven, useree, necro etc.....

Hope to see some nice report from them when they are back, i'm sure i will have some good catches in sg to show them when they are back. (hope so)

oh ya just saw a video on youtube lol guess who i saw? hahaha ibr and AC . Not this AC i luring AC his the surf AC kekeke. ok before i make everyone blur again . this was the video i saw

IBR look ........... :X

Anw we had a nice morning today , hope tml will be better

And i will be also trying out my DIY AC lure retriever assist pole soon kekeke but i somehow hope i won't need it


  1. lure retriever assist pole ?

  2. Hahaha......My surf days have been officially over bro.

  3. yeah....... hahaha do you have that kind of feeling

  4. Feeling? For surf? more.....thank you. Remember, I suck BIG time at it. Hehehe, fully poisoned for luring :-P