Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This morning went queen fish hunting with SH and ibr at changi area , nothing was landed i miss a small queen on Ima honey trap 70 which i got it few week ago from lure haven . Hai... finally i get to hit something on it but did not manage a hook up sian......

We call it a day early this morning then went to eat breakfast at kallang and some shopping at top Gear tackle.

In the afternoon when i reach home i decided to post my stuff for sale on fk haha .

You know what?

10min later i had a few call and now some item are sold , so happy....

Now the so not happy thing

Just came back from beach rd and had my dinner.

Ok 20mins ago i had a call from a friend and he told me something that made me so fire up now, he heard some fuking rumours few days ago from someone saying i was caught shoplifting in beach rd .

lol why myself do not know about this sia. i'm so not happy about this now.

I never and well not do such things you fuking loser

To that loser i fuk you here you fuking loser not happy with me come out and talk no need to come out with such Ah Kua thing behind me hor. don't fuking like an idiot.

And you fuking better stop this before i start looking for you.

Ok hahaha sorry for the fuking part , thats for today good night


  1. Maybe someone jealous you selling so much good items? lol... Don't know whos dog got loose liao... "Hello chain up your dog before kena put down ar... Sad la... Bad la..."

    I'm eyeing the Varivas PE0.6... but no eging reel to load it up into... Damnit

  2. 1st -> Glad that you realized the power of the traffic in FK. They got the traffic so win liao lor.

    2nd -> Joke of the day sia.

    To that whoever lah, do you know who is ALAN CHAN?? Don't know never mind just open your mouth and ask.

  3. Momok hmmm actually the PE 0.6 if you wan i also won't sell you so don't think about it liao. i just happen to find that the line can't make it hahaha. :X .

  4. Hmmm... can't make it ar... Sad la... Bad la...

    -_-" seems I have to settle with PE1.0 from Power Hunter.