Friday, February 27, 2009

Eging trip yesterday night

yesterday night at about 11.30pm me and Necro went out for some squid hunting at a very common spot where poeple knew of, ink are all over the place haha that means recently there are still squids around. So both of us start to whack our rods up and down, move left move right but no takers at all. I remember some of the uncles there like the cast by the very near side of somewhere... kekeke secret spot ... so i gave it a try lor after awhile yup i landed the first squid of the night Photobucket But for the next 1 hour everything was kinda slow, after that then Necro manage to land 2 and he found out that the squids are far out. Photobucket Look at what a squid can do on you.... Photobucket Photobucket last but not least a small one by me Photobucket Me 2 necro 2 ah hua came and meet us for kopi after that


  1. hello alan,

    may i know what is a good tide to for eging?

    many thanks


  2. Personally i prefer 2 hours before and 2 hours after high tide, if you need more info about eging take a look here

  3. thanks for the tip alan. hope to join for eging trip one of these days.

    kind regards