Monday, January 5, 2009

Part 1:

later in the evening i'll be heading down to beach rd to meet fishinglala as he wanted to buy some of my lures that i'm selling. hmmm after that maybe i'll be fishing for a short while with ibr lol but we had no idea where to go. the rain just stoped at my area .

rain rain rain~~~~

Part 2:

Oh ya yesterday i got a sms from a guy name derrick , he visited my blog and wanted me to coach him on fishing and his willing to pay $100-$200 for the lesson, i do not know what to reply him hahaha. Sorry bro i'm not up to that standard yet i'm still way far from it. Everyday there are more things for me to learn .

I don't mind just sharing my limited knowledge with you as a friend and go fishing together, so feel free to join us for kopi any of the friday night at beach rd.

You have my number right? kekeke


  1. Wah! Steady lah bro. I have to mention this......It was Alan who had shared and is still sharing his knowledge on luring with me and help me pave my way towards where my luring is currently.....Won't deny it, he is my "sifu" for luring......and not forgetting friends like savage hollowist, hizodge, sticko and guys have been real helpful as well......Thanks for the nice poisoning as well. Cheers.

  2. Alan chan , can I call you shifu? Teach me can? I can go fishing with you de

  3. Teach me lay, teach me... please.

  4. SPAM!! SPAM!! Bahahahaha

    Don't forget to jio me go fishing... if not I'll be forced to "check up" on you every weekend lol.

  5. hmmm hmmm dont like that say leh bro we exchange knowledge helping each other to improve ourself.

    Momok this saturday i guess the timing will be a bit hard hmmm but sunday should not be a problem me and roger will let you know whats the plan k.