Saturday, January 31, 2009

Haha did not update anything for 2 days liao was busy watching HK drama Forensic Heroes II / 法證先鋒II at home and of cos fishing la.


Oh ya and the song you just heard was something from the 法證先鋒II Title is ( you are my angel)

once upon a time,
an angel in the sky,
made comfort every night,

once upon a time,
the angel loved me so,
it's a miracle in the snow,
my heart won't be cold

my dear, you are my angel,
tell me what you know,
something should be told

my dear, you are my angel ,
tell me where you go,
I will breathe behind your soul.

once upon a time, my angel gave me light.

Yesterday night the fishing was bad we went pandan reservoir, while crossing the road we bump into some friends that are also gonna be fishing there but at a diff spot in pandan reservoir lol.

Nothing was landed yesterday night and we went for kopi lol .

Today sleep and watch 法證先鋒II lol and tie some samll flies to try them out tml

P hair flies


Thursday night 2 days ago me , roger and ah ben went out to fish in the night , meeted up wih them at around 11.30pm. Rcently the weather is abit unpredictable lol and strong winds, i hate fishing in strong winds. It is not becos of casting problem i find that strong winds often end with bad results esp then the water surface gets really choppy. But lucky that night wind was not that strong.

Once we reached the location i took out my
jackson athlete S7 working it with fast and moderate cranking speed retrieving, on my 5th cast i hitted a small sebarau. After taking some photos fish was released back to where it should belongs and so we continued fishing.

Sad things happened haha the top guide on my rod spoil it cutted off my line together with my lure lol. lucky lor its the top guide if the others guide on my rod spoil hor i also don't know where to find replacement sia. (anw the tip is fix yesterday)

Rod: Shimano Bassone XT 4lb- 10lb
Reel: Shimano sienna 1000FB
Line: Fireline 8lb
Lure: Jackson athlete S7




hai~~~~ after that roger and ah ben continue to fish ... after awhile that 2 old kid start trying to catch those small fish and yabbies along the banks lol

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  1. the ah hocks are kanda cute, dun you think so?